Warranty Information

Iconic-AV offers some of the longest warranties on the pre-owned market in the world.

Here's how we calculate the warranty period:
  1. Up to 1 year old gives a 24 Month Warranty
  2. Between 1 and 10 years old gives a 12 Month Warranty
  3. Between 10 and 20 years old gives a 6 Month Warranty
  4. 20 years or above gives a 3 Month Warranty
We have total confidence in our service so you can have total confidence in us.

The warranties we offer on all of our products, are offered by ourselves, not any third party or insurance company, so you won't be given the runaround, and any issue can be sorted out promptly and professionally. We take full responsibility of each and every item. This is because we are so confident in our initial full service we complete on every single item.

We have a full-time electronics engineer, with over 26 years experience. Even some of the Bang & Olufsen stores themselves don't have their own engineers and use freelance engineers for service and repairs.

Bang & Olufsen products are well known for their high standard of build quality using quality materials.

However you can never be sure when buying second-hand products how well they have been used and cared for by their previous owner(s), or why they are selling them in the first place.

Nearly every item that is offered to us for sale is described by their owner as 'mint/perfect condition, perfect working order and very rarely used', experience tells us that this is not always the case, so on first viewing we select only the very best equipment offered to us and turn away the rest. Once we get these items back to the workshop to be bench tested, only then to find a function not working as it should, our engineer gets straight to work to restore it to its original perfect working condition.

We only list products on our website that have been fully serviced prior to sale, this means all of the products we list for sale have been fully serviced and are in 100% working order.

We have a fully equipped workshop, including some purpose built pieces of test equipment that we have designed and built to enable us to check, measure and calibrate some of the more unique features on some B&O products, where test equipment simply didn't exist on the open market. Rather than just board swapping in the hope of finding a cure, our engineer is fully competent and able to find the root of an issue at component level and beyond and then repair it, using Bang & Olufsen spares where available.

We don't just want our products to simply last the warranty, and nor should you. It is our goal to give you a product working as good as new. Giving you many, many years of pleasure.

If in the very rare event something unforeseen does occur within the warranty period, it is covered within our no-quibble warranty : for parts & labour repair warranty from any electrical, mechanical or manufacturing failure. However this does not cover : Misuse, accidental or physical damage.

This is to give you the customer peace of mind in your purchase.

And for our security, we security mark our products internally .

So to Summarize, not only does our warranty mean we WILL sort out any issue, but combined with our vast experience and knowledge, more importantly it means we CAN.

Kind Regards

Jason and Tara Iconic-AV