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 Bang & Olufsen Televisions

  BeoVision 10 LCD / LED Television
The much anticipated BeoVision 10 has instantly proven itself to be a very important and celebrated edition to the Bang and Olufsen line-up.

Incorporating LED technology so the screen is slimmer and uses less power than conventional LCDs.

Its interchangeable coloured frets can be changed in seconds to suit your setting , concealing its impressive new speaker system which B&O are so renowned for.
Available in either 32" , 40" or 46" screen sizes.

Designed to look just like a picture frame on your wall offering superior looks , picture and sound quality without compromise, The BeoVision 10 has it all

BeoVision 10 - Fabric Fret Colour Choice 0.00
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  BeoVision 4 Plasma Television
The BeoVision 4 is a range of wall mounted Plasma televisions with screen sizes 37", 42", 50", 65" and 103" to suit any size room.

Beautifully framed with an Aluminium surround and supplied with either the dedicated BeoSystem 2 or 3 Media Engines for maximum performance.

The BeoSystem can be hidden well out of sight by a single cable so not to clutter the minimalist look achieved so effortlessly by the BeoVision 4

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  BeoVision 7 LCD DVD Television
BeoVision 7 offers complete home entertainment, with an integrated DVD player, press DVD and just below the screen the magic begins...

The aluminium panel that you thought was just a design touch slowly lowers as the hidden dvd tray slides out silently as if from nowhere awaiting your choice of disc. This of course is also given thought and is lit up with leds so even in the dark you can change the disc!

This LCD tv is sleek and very stylish. A real treat, available in either 32" , 40" or 55". With a range of purpose built centre speakers available for each screen size and also different stand options to suit your needs. Exceptional quality home cinema.

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  BeoVision 9 Plasma Television
The BeoVision 9 is incredible, featuring advanced picture and sound engines reproducing every single image into total perfection.

Its diamond cut metal surround frames this impressive 50" HD plasma screen like a piece of art.

Beneath the screen the built-in active centre speaker with its acoustic lens gives 180 degrees sound dispersion whilst maintaining constant balance regardless of where you are seated.

Has optional built-in HDR2 and BeoMedia , with integrated access to net radio, digital music, photos and the web.

Has the trademark built-in curtains and motorised floorstand that can be set to turn to your favourite viewing position when switched on.

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  BeoVision 8 LCD Television
The BeoVision 8 was designed to follow the BeoVision MX television range.

Available in either 26" , 32" or 40" screen sizes.

As always stunning looks, this LCD television is modern, sleek and minimalist.

A headturner in any home and great introduction to the Bang & Olufsen brand.

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  BeoVision/Center 6 LCD TeleVision
BeoVision 6 LCD television is a range of compact televisions which are both stylish and versatile. Available in either 22" , 23" or 26" screen sizes.

Crisp, clear picture and stunning, sharp sound to match. Supreme quality from Bang & Olufsen. Perfect for smaller rooms and environments where space is at a premium.

Available with several different placement options it can be wall mounted or placed on motorised floor or table stands.

BeoVision 6 22" LCD TV - Aluminium Surround / Black Fret With Wall Bracket Reserved
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