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BeoCom 2 Cordless Telephone

This is already a design icon, simple, elegant and an absolute joy to use too!

Can be used as a stand alone phone or within your own home system with up to 6 handsets.

Has optional bases for tabletop or wall mounts.

Available in a range of stunning shades.

Designer: David Lewis
Colours: Aluminium, Black, Yellow, Blue, GreySystem: DECT cordless telephone
Capacity (standby / talk time): 150 h / 18 h
Charging time: 5 h
Range: - indoor: Up to 50m - outdoor: Up to 300m
Note that Caller ID and supplementary services may need special subscription
Caller ID with date and hour: 16 numbers and names
Memory (Phonebook): 200 numbers with names
Redial: 16 numbers and names
Dialling of Caller ID number: yes
Volume control: yes
Microphone mute: yes
Display of call duration: yes
Ringer settings: yes
A/ V volume control: yes
Light in display activated by operation: yes
BeoCom 2 Table Base: type 0846
BeoCom 2 Wall Base: type 0847
BeoCom 2 Table Charger: type 0880
BeoCom 2 Wall Charger: type 0881
- base (with handset): 95 x H 319 mm
- handset: 28 x H 272 mm
Weight of handset: 220 g

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