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BeoLab 5 Active Speakers

The BeoLab 5 speakers could easily be mistaken for modern sculpture, they look and sound incredible. Real statement pieces in any setting.

This is the ultimate listening experience. Amazing true to life sound reproduction, just like a live performance of your favourite artists in your home whenever you want.

They are simply the best of the best.

Designer: David Lewis
Colours: Aluminium/Black Only
Maximum sound pressure 108 dB (stereo, pair)
Total amplification 2500W
Power amplifier treble250W Class D ICEPower®
Power amplifier mid-range 250W Class D ICEPower®
Power amplifier upper bass 1000W Class D ICEPower®
Power amplifier lower bass 1000W Class D ICEPower®
Effective frequency range 20 - 20 000 kHz
Cabinet principle/ net volume upper bass Sealed box / 5 litre
Cabinet principle/ net volume lower bass Sealed box / 29 litre
Directivity control treble and mid-range Acoustic Lens Technology
Treble driver 1.8cm
Mid-range driver 7.6cm
Upper bass driver 16.5cm
Lower bass driver 38cm
Digital Signal Processor 32-bit floating point 180 MFLOPS, 512k byte Flash-ROM
Room adaptation Adaptive Bass Control (ABC)
Volume adjustment Built-in
Connections 2 x PowerLink, Phono (line), 2 x Digital SPDIF
Dimensions/weight: Height 97 cm, Ų 49 cm / 61kg

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