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BeoLab 1 Active Speakers

The BeoLab 1s have an impressive 700 watts of pure power per speaker and will effortlessly fill the largest room in your home with sound quality of incredible accuracy.

Excellent reproduction to every detail of music at all volumes. The tall, sleek, simple clean lines of the BeoLab 1 speakers are the perfect match of design and ultimate sound, which has made them highly sought after and extremely desirable.

Once you've heard them nothing else will do. Pure, clean sound, just the way it should be.

Designer : David Lewis
Colours : Silver, Black, Grey, Blue, Red, Green, Sky Blue

Maximum Sound Pressure Level 105 dB (stereo, pair)
Power amplifiers 3 units, Bass part Class D, Midrange/Treble part Class AB
Long-term maximum output power per amplifier
Bass : 450 W/4ohm
Midrange : 125 W/8ohm
Treble : 125 W/8ohm
Effective Frequency range 39 - 20,000 Hz
Cabinet principle Closed box
Magnetically shielded Yes
Woofers 2 x 16.5 cm
Midrange 7.6 cm
Tweeter 2.5 cm
Net volume 16 litres
Bass equalization ABL (Adaptive Bass Linearization)
Switch for loudspeaker position : Freestanding - Against Wall - In Corner
Input sensitivity (line) 125 mV (91dB SPL) - Auto switch on
Input sensitivity (Power Link) 125 mV (91dB SPL)
Switch off time (line) 3 min.

Power Consumption IEC65 : 40 W
Typical: 14 W
Stand-by : <0.5 W

Power Link 2
Phono (line) 1
Dimensions Height 184.3cm , Foot 39.8cm, Weight 36 kg

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