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Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 4000 Speakers - Black Finish / Black Frets

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Numerous placement options make these a very versatile speaker choice, wall mounted horizontally or vertically, table top or floorstanding on elegant stands. The ideal solution if space is an issue.

Stand alone or can be incorporated in surround set-up or used as a centre speaker wall mounted horizontally, side by side.

Impressive sound for their size and excellent sound quality as can be expected from Bang & Olufsen making these a very popular choice.

Iconic Stock Code:SP2544

Year: 2003 / 2004

Serial Number: 1743****

Type Number: 6637

Working Order: 100% Perfect Working Order

Accessories Included: 2 x PowerLink Leads & 2 x Mains Power Leads

Weight: 6 kg each

Fabric Fret Colour: Black

Casing Colour: Black

BeoLab 4000 Service Information: As part of our standard service on these speakers, we address an age related issue which if not tackled early enough will render your speakers in-operable, killing the amps and circuit boards. Basically Bang & Olufsens original black acoustic foam dampener didn't have the longevity they'd hoped and over time this degrades into a sticky 'goo' shorting and destroying components its in contact with. We replace this with the new updated white acoustic foam dampener, meaning you will never be faced with this issue. If you already own a pair of these this absolutely must be done, the easiest way to check what your speakers have is to remove the fabric fret and the 2 screws on the tweeter, with the tweeter lifted out you will be able to see the colour of the foam inside. You can order this acoustic foam dampening kit from B&O (order no. 3332075) it does involve dismantling the internals of the speakers but i cant stress enough how important it is that this is done.

Condition: 9 / 10 Tops have the odd extremely faint tiny marks only seen on very close inspection and then only in certain lights. The bottoms have the usual light marks, depending on placement these are not seen in situe.

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