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Bang & Olufsen BeoGram CD 4500 CD Player

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The BeoSystem Range, allows you to create the system you desire and place it where you want. This is such a versatile system encapsulating all that is Bang & Olufsen - Fantastic Modern Design, Excellent Sound and Very high quality build.

Can be wall hung with your other works of art! or placed wherever you choose. Has incredibly tactile touch panels for operation.

Range of separates : Amplifier/tuner, tape player, turntable, cd player.

Iconic Stock Code:SY2660

Year: 1991

Serial Number: 0624****

Type Number: 5172 SW 1.0

Working Order: 100% Perfect Working Order

Weight: 4.5 kg

Casing Colour: Mirror finish top panel

Overall Condition: Simply describing an item as 'mint' or 'as new' is commonly overused and open to interpretation and can be totally misleading, its great for describing an item at a glance but rarely stands up to close scrutiny.

At Iconic-AV we decided to implement a points system where each item will be scored a mark out of 10 based solely on cosmetic condition, complete with detailed photos.

This points system relates only to the appearance of an item.

We only list items on our website that are in 100% fully working order.

So when making a purchase from ourselves you know exactly what you are buying, with nothing left to chance and no nasty surprises.

See below for condition & photos of actual item.

Condition: 7 / 10 There are 5 droplet marks on the polished lid which have damaged the lacquer, we are very fussy.

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