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Bang & Olufsen BeoGram 5500 Record Deck with MMC Stylus

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Treat your vinyl to the very best and integrate it into your Bang and Olufsen home system. There are various models designed to complement your existing set-up.

Iconic Stock Code:SY2772

Year: 1990

Serial Number: 0527****

Type Number: 5941

Working Order: 100% Perfect Working Order

Accessories Included: MMC stylus

Weight: 5.3kg

Casing Colour: Aluminium

Overall Condition: Simply describing an item as 'mint' or 'as new' is commonly overused and open to interpretation and can be totally misleading, its great for describing an item at a glance but rarely stands up to close scrutiny.

At Iconic-AV we decided to implement a points system where each item will be scored a mark out of 10 based solely on cosmetic condition, complete with detailed photos.

This points system relates only to the appearance of an item.

We only list items on our website that are in 100% fully working order.

So when making a purchase from ourselves you know exactly what you are buying, with nothing left to chance and no nasty surprises.

See below for condition & photos of actual item.

Beogram Service Information: All our beogram record decks are fully overhauled prior to sale to ensure they are 100% working order. This is a full service, faulty and common fault components are all replaced. We also make a permanent fix/repair on the carrier transport its an issue that will eventually affect everyone of these turntables, in the past 12 years we have seen what damage can be caused if this is left to fail. Sometimes making a machine irrepairable from the secondary damage it can cause. Our fix ensures it can never happen to this machine. These works are internal so not seen from the outside. Once we have overhauled the power supply, removed and replaced old hardening grease, we carry out all of its adjustments regarding, speed, weight, height, drop, travel etc. Also adjusted to play all original weight vinyl and the new heavier 180g vinyl without catching or rubbing. All our turntables will come with a fully checked and perfect working order mmc stylus.

Condition: 10/10 Perfect condition, with only the usual very faint dusting marks to perspex lid. This is a very well looked after beogram.

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