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Bang & Olufsen BeoCenter 9500 CD & Tape Player & Radio

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This Jacob Jensen design classic remains as desirable today as when it was first conceived, way ahead of its time and still futuristic by many of todays standards.

Touch sensitive glass operation panel making this so tactile it's hard to walk past and not play. Effortless sliding doors add to this delightful experience, concealing the tape and CD players beneath them. The top smoked glass is lit by led display adding to this visual treat.

This is one of the most stylish systems ever produced.

Iconic Stock Code:SY2796

Year: 1993

Serial Number: 0887****

Type Number: 2506 sw 1.4

Working Order: 100% Perfect Working Order

Accessories Included: Fm aerial & ipod lead

Weight: 14 kg

Casing Colour: Aluminium Satin Panels

Additional Information: We are extremely fortunate to have obtained some brand new BeoCenter panels, these are long out of production and the sleek satin version that B&O used at the very end of the BeoCenter production run. These are regarded as the most desirable finish as unlike the mirrored panels they are not susceptible to every finger mark, dusting scratch and unwanted reflections. A rare chance to have a BeoCenter with the most up-to-date panels.

Beocenter additional information: We restore all of our BeoCenters to ensure 100% working order. After initial fault finding and any remedies required in its standard service. We then overhaul the CD, tape units and their related PCBs and rebuild intermittent interconnects, the amplifier and power supply are again overhauled to ensure stable running. The large capacitors in the power supply in particular we have seen fail catastrophically in the past rendering the unit unusable, so we replace them all with new high quality capacitors before this occurs. We replace age related capacitors, belts, battery + associated chipset, relays etc. and reflow 100s of solder joints. The glass panels are properly re-secured with a thin coat of black flexible sealant which for its application is a better modern alternative to double sided tape, this will ensure the safety of your glass panels for the future and gives perfect operation. All of this is to ensure a long and trouble free life from your unit, due to age all of these issues would need to be addressed eventually to have a reliable unit. Our aim is and has always been to supply machines that will give you pleasure for many years to come.

Condition: Beautiful cosmetic condition, with just extremely light very minor marks to glass panels, these are only seen on close inspection and in certain lights. We are very fussy about condition. Fitted with brand new Satin panels (see additional information above).

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